Adult Day Health Care

For older adults who are able to live at home but still need certain services, the Adult Day Health Care Center is available to give expert aid. The support this center provides ranges from supervision to medical care, whilst respecting the independence these patients uphold by still living at home.

Moreover, Adult Day Health Care registrants are also more than welcome to all the services and activities that are available to our permanent residents; including medical care, therapies, and any social events. As such, they get the best of both worlds by taking advantage of all the services we offer whilst still being able to live at home. One of the biggest examples of this is the ability, via our social activities, outings, and events, to maintain a healthy social life.

Since the center is situated in an ancient building originally constructed in 1876, renovations are currently underway to preserve the center’s link to history. However, the facility is still open Monday-Sunday, from 8.00 to 15.30. As such, registrants can still enjoy a continental breakfast, lunch, and a meal to take home for dinner. During the day, door-to-door transportation (to medical appointments, for example) is also included.

Please call 212.316.7735 to learn more about the Adult Health Care Program.

Adult Day Health Care Center
Entrance on 113th Street off Amsterdam Avenue
1070 Amsterdam Avenue • New York, NY 10025 • 212.316.7735