Amsterdam Residents Reviews

At the Amsterdam Nursing Home, the priority of our staff is to make sure those in our care are at their most comfortable, as well as being provided excellent medical care. As such, the response of the residents is essential and encouraged. Below are some of the remarks received from our current residents:

The Social Environment

“The staff is welcoming and caring.”

“The kindliness here makes you feel at home.”

“People who are sick do not have to worry – they will receive expert aid.”

It is clear that our staff are doing their very best to make life at the Amsterdam Nursing Home accommodating.

Our Multi-Cultural Staff and how the Interact with our Residents

“There are so many different nationalities, with various backgrounds and stories. Amsterdam House provides the perfect backdrop for these stories to be told.”

“The residents are accommodating and each one is unique.”

At the Amsterdam Nursing Home, different ethnicities, culture, and traditions are paramount to a wider understanding of the world – something we strive to demonstrate to our residents.

Activities available in the local area in Amsterdam

“There are so many daily activities which I enjoy.”

It is through these activities that we encourage our residents to continue to grow, learn, have fun, and live life to the fullest.

Advice on living life at the Home from the Residents

“I try to love, care about, and trust everyone around me.”

“I try to be open-minded and sympathize with anyone who has problems.”

“We all listen to each other and voice our opinions.”

“Differences between people are nothing but good.”

Residents interacting, caring, and understanding each other is only enhanced by our excellent care

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