Officers & Directors

Chairman Lawrence B. Thompson
Vice Chairman   George L. Van Amson
Treasurer   Joseph C. Hoopes, Jr.
Secretary   Jose V. Torres
Members   The Reverend James G. Callaway, Jr.

James J. Campbell

Isabel M. Carden

R. Scott Edmonds

Karen M. Hopkins, M.D.

Jay H. McDowell, Esq.

Francis R. Olivieri
The Reverend Deacon Frank L. Peterson

Honorary Directors H. Thomas Dyett

Marion Greenup

Nora S. Schaaf

Beverley B. Wadsworth

Dyer S. Wadsworth


President & Chief Executive Officer James Davis
Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer         Mark Pancirer
Senior Vice President and Administrator Judith Fenster
Director of Nursing Harlan Ragay
Corporate Compliance Officer Judith Draper


Amsterdam Nursing Home
1060 Amsterdam Avenue • New York, NY 10025 • 212.316.7700

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