History of The Amsterdam

The history of the Amsterdam Nursing Home begins as early as 1872, when the Rev. Isaac H. Tuttle was deeply worried about the lack of care of many elderly people, who had previously played vital roles and taken on important jobs during their working years. Suddenly, they were left uncared for and felt lonely. To combat this, Tuttle occupied an empty building and established the “Home for Old Men and Aged Couples” (HOMAC)

Twenty-five years later, in 1897, land was bought between 112th Street and Amsterdam Avenue. A new HOMAC building was completed which boasted huge rooms, parlors, an infirmary, and even a fully-functioning elevator.

A hundred years after HOMAC was founded, a new home for the elderly was built due to high demand. Located on the same area between 112th Street and Amsterdam Avenue, this new building – named the Amsterdam House – could accommodate more than 300 residents. Furthermore, with increased space, the quality of services and facilities could be achieved.

Today, recent developments and renovations have resulted in a Nursing Home that combines modernity and skilled staff with tradition and personal care. The latest facilities are intermixed with antique furnishings, establishing an environment unrivalled in quality and care. Moreover, a further expansion that included the establishment of an Adult Day Health Care Center in an adjoining building – further proving our determination to be sophisticated and determined whilst keeping to our roots.

Amsterdam Nursing Home
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