Unrivalled Standards

Experienced doctors of the highest quality, skilled nurses, therapists, dieticians, therapeutic specialists, and social experts are just some of the staff we currently have focused on taking care of every resident, both physically and emotionally. The Amsterdam Nursing Home has had outstanding inspection results from the New York State Department of Health in past annual surveys, and we strive to uphold those standards every year.

Continuous Care

Amsterdam Nursing Home is a not-for-profit corporation known for its specialization on private care and wide-ranging treatment. This is supplemented by our committed and highly skilled staffs – who aid our residents in settling in, distributing medicine, and even conducting important medical assessments. As such, the welfare of our residents of the utmost importance! We have a distinct pride in providing a home and care that result in laughter, happiness, and friendship.


The Amsterdam Nursing Home believes in providing the best services possible to our residents. As such, the Home employs a full-time Director of Medicine, another full-time physician supplemented by a part-time assistant (both Board certified) and even full-time experienced nurses – all for the benefit of the resident. The importance of physicians cannot be overstated; specialists from this field deal with several important areas including oncology, cardiology, neurology, ophthalmology, gastroenterology, pulmonology, gynecology, rheumatology, and even orthopedics. Furthermore, the physicians hold regular faculty and staff appointments at the New York –Presbyterian Hospital/Cornell Medical College to discuss with residents/staff about any ailment that might need hospitalization. To have no less than two of these influential experts show our commitment to the care of our residents. Moreover, the House’s relation to the Hospital for Special Surgery assimilates any therapy needed in relation to the physical, speech, or hearing condition of a resident.

The Amsterdam Nursing Home even has an answer if hospice care is needed. The Home is affiliated with the Jacob Perlow Hospice, located at the Beth Israel Medical Center. This hospice helps residents with needs related to pain control and skin care, aiding them in enjoying a more complete experience at the Home.

The real super-humans of our care unit are our professional and certified nurses, who spend every day attending to the everyday needs of the residents. The nurses are the ones that take care of the mind, body, and soul of each resident to make sure they are truly living life to the fullest; as such, they are always around 24 hours a day. Specialized nurses dealing with issues such as rehabilitation, infection, and wound management are also provided when the need arises.


Trying to recover from a stroke, fracture, or illness requires great determination, spirit, and professional aid – especially in terms of restoring capabilities of physical movement and even speech. The Home has a dedicated rehabilitation program to facilitate patients to a successful return to a rewarding, independent life.

The residents of Amsterdam also have access to a longer-term rehabilitation program aimed at those who have the misfortune to suffer from any functional impairment, chronic disease, or dementia. Multiple therapies are offered to help these residents maintain a comfortable, high-functioning life whilst trying to prevent any deterioration of these conditions – including physical and speech therapy, and even several rehabilitation nursing programs.

Physical/Occupational Therapy

Independence and strength are the main goals of the Rehabilitation staff at the Amsterdam Nursing Home. Under continuous guidance and expertise from multiple medical staff (including physiatrists and specialists), thorough evaluations on each individual are made to develop a therapeutic program designed independently for each individual (who needs it) so the resident can restore any function and rediscover their confidence.

The Home’s full-time physical therapy helps residents with any movement problems to restore their bodies to maximum utility. As such, there is a focus on the restoration and maintenance of motion – including strength, flexibility, coordination, balance, and endurance. This is supplemented by walking exercises, a focus on overall fitness, and therapy to improve sensation and reduce pain. The individualized process of this physical therapy ensures that each resident receives the care she needs and deserves.

Social Life and Personal Care

The Amsterdam Nursing Home provides a whole range of opportunities for the residents to enjoy life and their stay. These activities range from stimulating intellect to building strength; and all are, of course, incredibly fun. The various programs offered include arts and crafts (including a resident crafts show to show off their accomplishments), cooking clubs, weekly concerts held at the local area, a current events group for debates, trips to local museums and restaurants, baseball games for those interested, theater viewings, and (most importantly to some!) shopping outings. Local experts even pitch in to teach the basics of their trade, including needlework and painting.

Not only does the Home provide all those activities, but it has been blessed with a substantial library. Here residents can find a huge collection of books and newspapers – even those in large print or talking books for those who need it. Furthermore, dry cleaning, tailoring, newspaper delivery. Telephones and TV are available to each and every one who decides to stay with us. There is even a salon for hair/cosmetics, albeit these services incur a small cost. Finally, religious services for multiple faiths are held weekly on the premises.

Social Work and Resident Advocacy

At the Amsterdam Nursing Home, social workers are available to help any new residents settle in to the friendly community. They are employed full-time in conjunction with an admissions director to help maintain a fruitful relationship with residents and their families. These workers also offer the necessary counseling, guidance, and support to help with any issues that might arise on the social spectrum of things. In general, our social workers ensure not only that the residents are happy, but that their needs and rights are respected and addressed throughout the community.

On a similar note, resident advocacy is something that management at the Home takes very seriously. Staff members assess the level of care a resident requires and then – as part of a team of experts – develop a specific program to make sure that resident receives the best care possible. Furthermore, support groups are available for residents who are still struggling to adjust to nursing home life; these groups include the Residents’ Council and the Family Council.

For more information, please call the Admissions Department: 212.316.7728.


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